BackupChain® VMware Backup Using Deduplication Technology

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FastNeuron BackupChain® is a high-performance VMware backup software focusing on the needs of IT professionals. It is equipped with a strong deduplication engine and an FTP server that enables power user to set up remote VM protection in addition to classic local and network backups of virtual machines. This technology was optimized to work on Windows Server and workstation platforms and is compatible with VMware Server 2.0 and later, VMware Workstation, and VMware Player.
BackupChain is an advanced virtual machine tool that serves data centers as well as small businesses equally. Efficient virtual server backups can now be set up with just a few clicks.

Local and FTP Targets for Live VM Backups

A VMDK file is different from regular file backups because VMDK files tend to be extremely large; therefore, processing a 100 GB file requires optimized processing that is specifically aware of the file's size and contents. BackupChain Delta Compression performs incremental and differential images to local and remote FTP targets and handles virtual machine files in the most efficient way possible. When transferring these files via FTP, only changes within the machine are sent. This backup technology ensures that only byte-level differences are stored in the storage media or sent over the Internet and saves time and valuable resources in the long-term.

Differential and Incremental File Version Differencing

Unlike other tools that simply copy entire files over and over again when they change, BackupChain compares the contents of files to detect byte-level changes and generates differential or incremental objects that contain only the detected difference. While other utilities would duplicate the entire VMDK each night, BackupChain scans and typically compresses a day's cycle to about 1-5% of the VMDK's size, depending on the percentage of daily change occurring in the VM.

Superior Compression Ratios

BackupChain is optimized to work with AES-256 encryption standards and distributes its compression processing load to all available CPUs (this option may be switched off). The result is a full utilization of all CPU power and a drastic reduction of time and storage space usage.

Flexible Schedules and Simultaneous Task Execution

BackupChain ships with a flexible scheduler component that supports simple as well as complex schedules. To help process all tasks as quickly as possible, BackupChain's background engine is capable of running as many tasks simultaneously as needed. In addition, continuous protection can be set up by configuring BackupChain to run in the background.

VMware Restore using Remote Sites

In order to set up your own Internet replication, you need a server and a client. BackupChain combines the two components in one product as it is equipped with an FTP server as well as an FTP client component. Using both features, you can host your own server network and send your VMDKs to a remote location. Alternatively, you may also use any FTP server hosted on the Internet as a target.

Compatibility with Hyper-V Server

In case you are also using Microsoft Hyper-V Server you can save on licensing costs as BackupChain supports both virtualization platforms. BackupChain is also fully functional on Core Installations of Windows Server and fully integrates with Hyper-V.