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Windows Server & Hyper-V Backup

Automatic backup for Windows Servers and VMware including deduplication.


Cloud Backup

You can rely on our enterprise-grade cloud hosting plans: 500 GB to 35 TB / account.

knowledge management

Knowledge Management

Enterprise Collaboration and Knowledge Management Software.

FastNeuron offers innovative software solutions

Founded in 2001, FastNeuron Inc. has been an active and innovative developer of enterprise-level software. FastNeuron's security, Windows Server, Hyper-V backup software is now in use by many prestigious organizations, such as the FBI, the BMW Group, and other large multinational corporations. During the busy and exciting decade after its startup, FastNeuron grew to become a leader in the virtual server backup market.
Today, BackupChain® is the server backup solution of choice for businesses of all sizes. BackupChain focuses on Microsoft Windows Servers, Hyper-V, and VMware.
FastNeuron's data deduplication standard, also known as delta compression, is one of the key innovations behind BackupChain's storage technology. It allows VHDX, VMDK, and other large files, such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server backups, to be delta compressed between cycles. This technology benefits users by saving time, storage space, bandwidth and, hence, money.
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